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Interior Design Basics

The Hallway

1. Only the essentials: Since there is usually little space in the corridor, one should avoid too many pieces of furniture and thus create more space. Alternatives are narrow wardrobes that do not protrude too far into the room.

2. Enlarge optically: If the interior doors in a windowless corridor are exchanged for doors with glass inserts, the corridor is lit naturally. Mirror elements ensure spaciousness.

The living room

3. Form islands: Living room furniture and seating areas do not necessarily have to be positioned on the walls and corners. A central place in the room consisting of couch, armchair and side table can look like a cozy furniture island.

4. Loosening up with a mix of styles: with old and antique furniture, lamps or accessories that are not available in every DIY store, you show style and personality.

5. Courage to color: in furnishings in particular, which are tone-in-tone, strong colors set bright accents. This applies not only to walls and wallpaper but also to cushions, curtains, and accessories.

6. Beautiful light: The appropriate lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere – instead of bright ceiling spotlights, indirect, warm lighting with floor or table lamps create a cozy environment.

7. Use walls: As televisions are becoming narrower and narrower and can be mounted on the wall, you no longer need massive TV boards. The old furniture can be exchanged for a more elegant sideboard when buying a flat screen.

The Bedroom

8. The most important piece of furniture: the human being spends most of his life in bed. This is why this piece of furniture has to be carefully selected. Not only material and design are essential, but also the right mattress.

9. Beware of electrosmog: consumer electronics such as televisions or laptops should be removed from the bedroom – this creates peace and ensures a more restful sleep.

10. Storage space: Especially in the bedroom there should be enough storage space for clothes, linen, and shoes. A modern wardrobe with sliding doors and smart interior layout offer more possibilities than an old farmhouse wardrobe.

11. Creating niches: Those who still have room in the bedroom can turn it into a small, personal retreat niche with an armchair, table, and reading lamp.

12. The right lighting: Indirect light also makes the room more comfortable in the bedroom. It is convenient if all light sources in the room can also be controlled from the bed.

The kitchen

13. Orderly chaos: There’s always room for living and personal mess in the kitchen: Decorative bottles with oils or spices standing around are just as good as fridge magnets or magnetic strips with photos, notes, and postcards attached to them.

14. Tile mirrors in a different way: As an alternative to the traditional tile mirrors above the worktop, elements made of matt brushed metal, glass or even sealed wood panels can provide a new look.

15. Planning practical suitability: The ideal kitchen should not only be beautiful, but it must also above all be tailored to personal needs and functional. After all, the kitchen is still a working space where unnecessary walking or searching for utensils takes time and nerves.

16. Small kitchen: If the kitchen is too small for a dining area, folding tables are a good way to make room.

The Bathroom

17. Walls: Interesting impressions can also be created in the bathroom with intense colors, wallpaper or wallpaper stickers – whether with exciting motifs that imitate materials such as wood or stone, or wall tattoos that set accents.

18. Windows: If you are bothered by the sight of corrugated windows, you can install wooden blinds or color printed fabric blinds as privacy and sun protection. Conversely, self-adhesive window films from the DIY store are used for complete or partial privacy protection of clear glass panes in the bathroom.

19. Accessories: In the bathroom, in particular, accessories such as vases, bowls, baskets or candles come into their own – plants also thrive in the humid bath climate.

20. Small bathroom: Small bathrooms are visually larger when similar mater