28 Apr 2012

Happy Birthday

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It's April 28 and yep, It's my birthday! Eeeeek! It's great to celebrate my birthday in the same month as my blog! I'm turning *cough cough* and I must admit I've achieved a lot in the last 366 (leap year) days.

Today I'm gonna take a well deserved break after recovering from the flu, have some fun
and try something new - Korean in fact, at Kimchee!

17 Apr 2012

Beyond Creative: Annie Little

Beyond Creative is back once again and every time I write an interview I'm still so amazed by each and every story and journey. I had, as always, the pleasure to meet Anna Smithson the Creator & Designer behind the brand Annie Little through blogging. Through her designs and work I really enjoyed her iconic prints and so we met & caught up over a coffee. Anna began to tell me all about her creative journey right through to how she began to where she is today. Having gone through such an amazing road of discovery I was compelled to share her creativity with you all. What I love about Anna's story is that she had to discover who she was as a designer first, which then lead her to her successfully business and astonishing accomplishments.

HOP Did you always know that you wanted to be a Designer
AL I always knew I wanted to be in the creative field from a young age, even when I used to fill my bedroom bin with paints and carry it down the stairs to the kitchen table! Without a doubt a printed textile degree was the one for me! Fabric, pattern and colour have always been my passion.
HOP So how did you start your career
AL Following my degree I felt I wanted a career in a creative field but not necessarily designing for myself. 
At that time it felt the only options were to sit in a studio and paint floral or stripe repeats. I set about getting work experience in various areas including styling and retail buying, then gained work experience with Ella Doran and managed to work my way up, getting a job that was fantastic. Ella is a very inspirational lady and at that time was 5 years into her business. There were just 3 of us in the office so it was all hands on deck, which was great experience. I then went on to work in Fine Art Publishing (wall decor for retail shops) for the next 9 years. Over the years I researched trends, commissioned artists & photographers, responded to client briefs, put together presentations, managed a design team and often saw imagery I had worked on in high-street. I could not ignore however, the creative blood that ran through me and over the years dabbled in my own projects working my way up to getting my own studio at the Wimbledon Art Studio's. 
I developed my style of colour and pattern onto canvas - people often thought it was fabric! I exhibited, sold work and took on commissions and it was great. I decided to create under a pseudonym 'Annie Little' from the very beginning and I now really like having a brand name. I don't mind if people call me Annie though!
Then came the move from London to Bristol. I enrolled on a refresher screen-printing course (as I hadn't touched it since university!) and I fell back in love! It was the perfect time to turn my ideas and designs back into prints, the current range was born and Top Drawer and Pulse (at Earls Court) gave me the opportunity to show my ranges to the retailers and the Annie Little brand has now gone from strength to strength.

HOP What was the inspiration behind the Annie Little brand
AL LACE LACE LACE! Colour, pattern, texture and vintage objects (such as stamps). To be honest it has been a natural evolvement and I have been experimenting with all the things I love. But Lace really does it for me and is a constant stream through my designs. It’s what I would like people to recognise as a signature to Annie Little.

HOP I adore your King & Queens range print. How did this concept come about
AL Well, I inherited lots of stamps and loved the colours and designs so started to incorporate them into my paintings. They were such a nice addition and people really loved them. So when I turned back to screen-printing I started to experiment with them again. I particularly liked the 1950's stamps and the Queen looks a real beauty! When I started to look into the copyright I had to narrow down my choices. Although the King stamp can be deemed as controversial I honestly thought it was the most attractive king on a stamp with a good design and I like the fact there was only one stamp produced with Edward VIII on. It didn't even occur to me a couple of years ago when I started looking at the designs for the Queens Jubilee this year - quite amazing timing!
HOP There's so many great things going on, so what do you have planned for 2012
AL New designs to be launched at Pulse London in June, which I am very excited about!
HOP Exclusive: A new Annie Little range and new prints to be added to my collaborative range 'Annie & Amelia' (ranges produced with designer Sian O'Donnell from 'The Strawberry Card Co'). I am very fortunate to have had a busy year so far, gaining some lovely retailers across the UK and Europe as well as some prestigious larger retailers such as Selfridges and the V&A. I want to make sure everyone is happy and grow my business at an appropriate pace.

HOP So what is a typical day like at Annie Little
AL Never the same!! As it’s just me at the moment it’s very busy so I could be doing anything from screen-printing to packing boxes to being on the computer or to be seen dashing from one job to the next!
HOP Who is your favourite designer and why
AL I wouldn't say I have a 'favourite designer' as such as I love and admire so many. I am however, a total sucker for magazines and shops! I have always subscribed to Vogue, Elle Decoration and Living Etc and am constantly buying other mags such as Mollie Makes (a recent discovery!) and Ideal Home to name a few! 
I used to travel to America for work and discovered ANTHROPOLOGIE - WOW! I loved it and was beside myself when it came to the UK! A highly inspiring shop. When living in London I would often visit Liberty and I always enjoyed browsing through the fabric and stationery departments. When I worked in East London over 10 years ago there were some fab finds there too. 
It's also fab these days to be able to see so much more through social media such as Twitter and blogs, often giving smaller designers the opportunity to show their work and I have loved admiring many a design, I discovered Lou Rota recently. One of my fave items in my home is a Catherine Hammerton cushion.

HOP What 3 things could you not live without
AL Ooh Mary only 3?!!... 1) My husband! he is so supportive and has encouraged me through my days of questioning - as have my friends and family - it makes all the difference to have the support you need Boring but true. 2) My diary and iPhone! 3) My first cup of tea in the morning!

On a more creative note - the screen-printing studio at Spike Print in Bristol, my lace, magazine, scarf and tea cup collections!
All images supplied by Anna Smithson
HOP What are your top tips for anyone thinking of going freelance or changing careers to become a  Designer
AL Just keep going and work very hard! It’s the nature of the industry and in the beginning will often require you to work for free or for very little. Sometimes this is necessary but remember - know your limits. Talk to people and be open to every opportunity that comes your way… your path will soon become clear.

13 Apr 2012

Tiny Interiors I Love

Images Credited: Left/ Right
2012 is definitely the year for progress and new beginnings. With so many of my friends and family either getting married or expecting their first child it inspired me to look at tiny interiors. An even bigger inspiration has been the birth of my wonderful friend Vikki's beautiful baby boy, and my adopted Nephew, Jacob George Sutton (and I get to meet him today - Eeeeeeek!). Gone are the days of pink for a girl and blue for a boy - it's all about personality, COLOUR and style. 

Whether you're thinking of creating a calm oasis or a bright boudoir for your little'n you now have the freedom to think outside the box. Take the interiors above. This nursery is full of bright pops of summer colour paired with a retro 60s style interior. I love the use of wood in these interiors and how the interiors allow so much light to bounce around the room. A great rule to live by is if you can't revamp an entire room, then change the scheme with great accessories. Below are a selection of my top six...
 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Images Credited: Little Woolie/ Apartment Therapy

1 | 2| 3| 4
Using unexpected colours doesn't have to be scary, just take a look at the scheme below. Grey has been used in this nursery scheme and by using the 'right shade' of grey, lots of light and enhancing pops of colour you can add a lot of creativeness to your little ones space. I like the way the 'tree shelf' has been designed onto the wall and into the scheme. It helps to add a playful yet functional element to your nursery.
Images Credited: Jessica @pinterest
I've found some great baby accessories that would fit in well with this  space. The baby print below is a nice personal touch to the above scheme. You can't get any better than a Jonathan Adler pottery accessory! This little lion is a great compliment and a cute touch. Likewise the JA candle is a nice way to add a sensory  pop of yellow colour against the lush grey scheme. Not a great artist with the old paint brush? Don't fret, use this style steal and add wall stickers to your nursery. There are loads out there in all different shapes and sizes. I really like this butterfly one though. Not only does it help to introduce a nice strong colour into the scheme, it also adds a whimsical touch.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Congratulations Vikki & Paul Sutton on your beautiful arrival

11 Apr 2012

Tea For Two

I must admit I'm a huge fan of Afternoon Teas. Although it's very British it's also a nice way of being pampered and catching up with a girlfriend or two. After a while though, once you've had one afternoon tea, you begin to feel like you've seen/ate them all. Well press pause! Last year I spent my *cough cough* birthday at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge with my on-trend friend Aminah. What I love about their afternoon tea is that it comes with a fashionista twist! Add a little catwalk and a sprinkle of couture and you get Prêt à Portea. In keeping with ones Diamond Jubilee the hotel has introduced The Royal Collection fit for a Queen.
Image Credited: The Berkeley Hotel

8 Apr 2012

It's The Big Fabergé Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza

Happy Easter Everyone! 
There's just so much about Easter that resonates with optimism and opportunity. It also means that summer is just around the corner too - Whoohoo! So as you all know I've been quite obsessed with The Big Fabergé Egg Hunt and not just because of the creativity behind it but because they have been designed by some very talented individuals. Rewind a few weeks back and you would have seen from my last egg post many of these amazing eggs have been designed by designers such as Candy & Candy, Zaha Hadid, Sophie Conran and the Jason Bruges Studio. I haven't forgotten my fashion fashionistas! Mary Katrantzou, Mulberry and the lovely Diane Von Furstenberg have all designed eggs for the big hunt.
Whilst we've all...OK, I've been snapping pics on my iPhone of these beautiful eggs for fun, these eggs have been lovingly created for a good cause. Both the Action for Children and the Elephant Family charities are the reason why these eggs are here. With Action for Children aiming to support venerable and neglected children and the Elephant Family supporting the plight of and fighting against the extinction of our elephants and their habitats they symbolise, new life, opportunity and new beginnings - hence the egg themed hunt!
Having found Wally - Whoohoo! I went on to snap some of the eggs that really captured my creative taste buds. With so many gorgeous eggs I found it so hard to pick a favourite... although in the end, I did manage to choose one. Above I've included a collection of a few of my favourites, including A Penny For Your Thoughts below.
Ta Da! This egg created by Siken Favours below was the ultimate HOP favourite. I know there are so many, 210 to be exact, but I really loved the way the fabric drapes around the egg like a cocoon. The bow is perfectly tied and looks like its just waiting to hatch.  
Another egg created by a top designer was Arden by Melissa White. Some of you may remember me talking about the lovely Melissa in my Bloggers Lunch post. It was such a pleasure to meet her as not only has she designed the new Arden Collection for interiors company Zaffany but she has also designed egg No.189! I couldn't help but wonder how these eggs were designed...luckily Melissa was on hand to show me how she created her fabergé egg.
Images credited: My Ownl/ Melissa White

Happy Easter from HOP

6 Apr 2012

HOP Celebrates At The Folly

I was so excited to have celebrated my blogs first birthday this month. It was such a crazy feeling because it did feel like an actual birthday - and why not. When you've invested and put so much hard work into your little creation and watched it grow it does begin to feel like a huge part of you. So to celebrate my first year on bloggersville me and the girls went out for a victory lunch courtesy of our friends The Folly.
The Folly is a restaurant I stumbled across when I discovered its sister restaurant The Parlour. Having discovered its decor on the website when looking at venues, I literally think my heart skipped a beat. The interior is like an interior garden of Eden - think fresh, lush interiors and floral fantasies married to chic design! For all my interior lovelies, the Folly will definitely tickle your interior taste buds. This space is a collaboration between Managing Director Jullian MacLean and the creative geniuses at  Fusion Design and Architecture. You definitely get a relaxed, organic feel here with a sprinkle of San Francisco style.
Maurizio, Folly's finest Manger, gave us a welcomed tour then welcomed us with a round of culinary cocktails - Folly style! Whilst sipping on my cocktail I was just overwhelmed by how relaxing, chilled and refreshing the space was. There were loads of style tips to steal here too. I really like the newspaper tied around the plant pots of fresh herbs which were placed on all the tables - a nice touch. You can also add these fresh herbs of thyme to your meal! Having opted for the traditional British Sunday roast we were served with our food on wooden platter boards and lovely traditional casserole style pots. It really did add to the that 'British' Sunday dinner experience. The food was fantastic! The chicken was cooked to perfection and came accompanied by perfectly puffed yorkshire puds, glazed carrots, swedes and parsnips and my fave, the red cabbage! 
Over our Sunday roast the girls and I discussed what might be next for HOP. As you would have seen I've kicked off this new year with a new series entitled In My ShoesEach month in the series I interview a different designer asking them all those need-to-know questions that we all want to ask but just never get the chance to. I'm also a firm believer in learning new skills, experiences and growing so I'm all signed up for Meet The Blogger 2012 taking place at the dam that is Amsterdam. I'm also going to attend Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way short course soon (see, I am sticking to my New Years resolutions)! I'm also going to wet my feet in the interiors & lifestyle editorial pool. So if you're an interiors or lifestyle, digital or print publication and like my writing style please do get in touch.
Having the 'eyes too big for my belly syndrome' I couldn't resist but to go for the Folly's Chocolate Fondue. Accompanied by marshmallow lollipops, yummy shortbread biscuits and juicy strawberries to dip, this dessert was a tasty yet fitting birthday treat. The girls, Sharlene and Sherese both opted for a lush chocolate brownie paired with smooth vanilla ice cream. It certainly got the thumbs up and are such great treats to share.

What I loved about the space here is how they have played successfully with the green, fresh, floral theme. A HOP favourite is definitely the plant pot lights. That's such a nice playful way of pulling the scheme together adding a trendy yet organic touch. The Folly also has an in-house florist with beautiful blooms. There is also a private area to do some mixology if the mood takes you. It's such a great use of space from top to bottom and there is so much to do. Whether you just want to pop in for a cosy coffee or a Sunday roast, or even taking a little salsa at one of their salsa sessions you will definitely leave with a pep in your step.
If there is one thing I must tell you all about as interior lights go, this is it! I loved, no...adored this ostrich feather light in the cosy café style area. Beautiful soft feathers make up this light, which is so simple yet very effective and exquisite. I was also impressed by the juxtaposition between the feathers and cosy fabrics against the hard dark wood furniture, thus playing with textures.

Another HOP Style Steal are these wall plates. Such an effective yet stylish way to apply a style trend to your wall without using a wall covering. If you fancy a private dining experience there is also a cocoon hideaway for your private party. The natural wood surface wall was a HOP favourite! Full of personality it gave a rich feel to the space.

I had such an amazing time thanks to my Folly friends. From the interior, to the scheme, to the food each part just made it a mouth watering day to remember. As a HOP recommendation I'd say it's certainly worth a visit and if you do pop in, try the fondue. 

What I've learnt through this year is that with tremendous support from my friends, my passion and a sprinkle of fun, HOP Interiors can only go from strength to strength. I can't wait to see what the forthcoming year at HOP Interiors holds. 

Images Credited: My own & The Folly

2 Apr 2012

In My Shoes - With Rebecca Leivars

I can't believe it's been a year already since I started my humble blog as so much has happened in such a short space of time. As you all know I'm very much an Interior Design Geek and have always wanted to pick the brains of my favourite interior designers. So I'm extremely excited to finally share my new column with you entitled In My Shoes. My new column allows us to virtually step into the shoes of some the most renowned and creative interior designers and ask those questions we've all been dying to know but just never had the opportunity to ask. Over the next year, each month I'll be interviewing a different designer, asking them about breaking into design, business start ups and everything in between.

This month kicks off with Rebecca Leivars, an incredibly talented Interior Designer. I completely adore her career journey as like me, Rebecca changed her career path and is a fellow alumni of design school KLC. Based in Brighton, Rebecca has created some eye poppingly beautiful spaces.

HOP: Did you always know that you wanted to become an Interior Designer

RL: Absolutely not no! I always had a passion for design and spent hours as a child re-arranging my bedroom and banning anyone from sitting on my freshly arranged bed and dislodging my pillows. As the years passed by I developed a love for moving home, I loved the prospect of having a new space to arrange, configure and new colours to experiment with and I guess that is when it came to light to others around me that design was the career path I should follow rather than Human Resources which was my vocation at the time.
HOP: You are also a fellow KLC alumni, so how did you go about making the transition to designer

RL: It was my then boyfriend who made the suggestion to me. At the time it still didn't seem feasible to quit a well paid job that I had worked hard to climb the career ladder in to follow a dream or what felt like my hobby. He however had recently started his own business, which was in fact his hobby and he was doing well, so it was with his support and encouragement that I took the plunge, though I was terrified but excited at the same time.

HOP: How did you find learning about interior design from your chosen course

RL: Initially I opted for distance learning local to where I was living, I didn't know too much about the industry and the course looked relatively okay and reasonably priced, however after one month of this, I decided there wasn't enough content and I didn't feel the course would equip me to start a business and learn a broad range of skills required. Therefore, I started to read the small print at the back of House & Gardens, Living etc and KLC School of Design kept coming up. Coincidentally at that time Living etc announced their first one day seminar in Interior Design to be held in conjunction with KLC School of Design.  Excited by this I snapped up a place and the rest is history. The day was amazing, being in Chelsea right next to the infamous Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour with views over looking the Thames and the London Eye, I was sold, the school had such an energy about it, also is flooded with light, inspirational work adorns every wall from past students, the tutors (practising Interior Designers) were full of passion and it was then, that very day that I decided no matter the cost, this is where I want to start my new career and I owed it myself to put myself in the strongest position to re-train at KLC School of Design. I approached the school regarding their one year diploma, fortunately passed the interview and embarked on a life changing year a few months later.
HOP: What has been your biggest challenge thus far in relation to design within a project

RL: My biggest challenge to date has been working on a project in St Johns Wood, internal design work and development of a roof terrace and construction of a roof pod building, it should have been a simple project and fun!  What I didn't know when I took on the project was the party wall hell that would follow.  Both neighbours to the property also decided to undertake structural work, and on one side, completely knock their house down, two basement levels so our house was being propped up by industrial steels, causing continual movement throughout our internal works and causing huge safety issues for my team trying to construct a roof pod building and new balustrade.  It was a constant battle and delays trying to get agreement between 3 sets of neighbours, 3 sets of chartered surveyors, 3 party wall agreements, 3 conflicting contractors...and it continued! In fact we have final sign off on 26th March, the bubbles will well and truly flow!

HOP: Where do you draw your inspiration from for each project

RL: Each project is completely different. I have no in house style and it is so important to listen and listen carefully to the clients, their wishes and hopes for their home.  No one knows it better than they do, their daily routine often dictates how a space will function and ultimately be designed. Inspiration is taken from their experiences, local architecture, key features that exist within the home, views, it can come from many directions, the important thing to always remember is to keep an open mind at all times.
HOP: So describe what a typical 24hours is like at the Leivars studio in Brighton

RL: As any Interior Designer will explain that there is not one typical day. My days are normally start at 5 am, walk my dog, shower and then I'm in the car for 6.30. I live on Hove seafront and my projects are North London based at present, so I have had to bond with the M25, gather items from the office for the day (files, wiring/lighting plans, anything I may need) not forgetting to grab a coffee on route.  Making phones calls after 8 am to suppliers, clients, thank god for bluetooth, makes my car a working office and allows me to reduce lost time from travelling. Generally I arrive on site around 8.30 a.m. I always take time to walk the site/project alone to see what has been carried out and check details before meeting with the contractor where we do a second walk around. We discuss and agree work to be done and any areas not up to scratch (always better to highlight and rectify as early as possible to reduce costs later down the line).  I then meet with the clients if they are around to discuss progress and any key decisions. It's then a mad dash in to central London to suppliers which means it's normally around 4 pm at this stage, I try and leave London between 4 and 5 though this seldom happens, often the client meetings don't happen until mid afternoon which means I leave them around 7 arriving home late evening. Some days are spent purely sourcing and driving around with clients or hop footing around seeing what is new and fresh. I try and have two office days per week to catch up on drawing revisions, paperwork, endless paperwork, chasing orders, processing orders, updating supply lists and payment schedules, the things you're never taught but actually makes up 80% of the business.  This times 3 - 4 projects that I work on at any one time.
HOP: So many of my readers including myself are keen to break into the industry. What advice would you give to those either hoping to start their own studio or hoping to land their first role a designer

RL: Never stop believing in yourself, never stop trying and if you're starting alone, DO TRY and get some experience and cut your teeth working for another design practice, ideally 18 months but if you have some experience of doing your own properties then a minimum of 6 months, not only will you quickly see how intense days are, you will learn processes and practices which will be invaluable whilst also picking up key suppliers and contacts which would normally take you several years to gather.  Don't take on too large a project for the first two years, start small, one or a few rooms, or a kitchen and then gradually build this up and always, always, always, if in doubt ask, if in doubt hire a professional, such as a chartered or structural engineer or even an architect, yes your profit may be reduced (if your clients aren't paying that is!) but not only will you learn from them, you will have peace of mind and will massively reduce any nasty fall outs with clients.  Cover yourself and always make sure you have the relevant insurance at all times.

HOP: What do you look for in a new recruit and likewise in their digital portfolio

RL: I generally look for confident individuals that I can let fly pretty early on. I am a big believer in trust and delegation, I am not egotistical and I am more than happy to have design in put by others.  But I need honesty at all times, if mistakes are made (and I make them still) I need to know about it so it can be controlled and rectified swiftly. A digital port folio needs to be a visual delight of technical know how and design and always about the detail!

HOP: What are your top three items you couldn't live without

RL: My 10 month old Cockapoo Harry, I am utterly in love with him, so he's a definite one, secondly my Blackberry, I can't operate without it and I can't decide for my third, coffee/ tea/ chocolate/ wine/ sunshine/ friends to made a few.

HOP: Who is your design inspiration or icon

RL: An Italian Architect/Designer Gio Ponti such an iconic and distinctive designer and you can see his influence in so many modern day pieces.  His use of colour, space and bold pattern is striking, some of his best work can be found at Parco Dei Principi Hotel in Sorrento, Italy, a hotel he designed right down to the diving board!

All images credited & supplied by Leivars

1 Apr 2012

A Happy HOP 1st Birthday

Images Credited: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/
No, it's not April fools! HOP Interiors, my humble little blog is one year old today - Hurray! It's crazy to think that so much has happened in those 366 days (being a leap year). HOP began when my fashion forward friend Josie asked me to help her start her own blog. Having no idea of how to start one I grabbed the opportunity with both creative hands to attend the Style PA's mini Intro the Blogging seminar. I remember Josie turning to me and saying "Mary, why don't YOU start your own blog?" I hold my hands up, it never occurred to me that I could or even had the ability to blog. It's funny because when I first started blogging like many others, I started to question my own voice, "Would people want to hear what I had to say? How would I portray my unique point-of-view?" and "How would I keep writing interesting content?" I eventually realised that it does take time to find your feet and find your own voice and as long as you're honest and true to who you are as a writer and write about what YOU truly believe in then the rest will fall into place.
Images Credited: Left/ Right
Prior to my blogging days I always attended the trade shows like Decorex and 100% Design and enjoyed sourcing materials and interiors for my projects so it seemed like a natural progression to share my journey and passion for interior design. Fast forward a year and a few blog re-vamps later, my blog has grown and has been flourishing from strength to strength - I'm so proud of it. I've also vowed to blog more personally, giving you more insight into my own personal style and interior knowledge. I hope that as this year goes by my writing and personal design atheistic will shine through and my blog will evolve even further! 

This year I would love to develop a passion of mine to write editorially for interior design. It's something I've been talking about amongst my friends for some time. Throughout this year as you can see by the content of my blog, my writing ability has taken immense strides and I enjoy writing about design, interiors and the creative world. But don't just take my word for it, my wonderful followers and readers have helped me achieve approximately 5,000 hits a month and I really appreciate all the comments/notes they leave on my blog. So if you're a digital creative magazine, online/web or print publication and would like me to either write as a contributor or as a guest writer please do drop me a line and Say Hello

To reward myself for all my hard work *cough, cough* I treated moi to this fabulous pair of converse's which I've had my eye on for months! And they're my very first converse's too (I know, I know - far too long). I'm completely in love with them. To mark the special occasion I will be lunching with my girls at The Folly in London. Don't worry, I shall tell you all about it!

Now as we all know, a birthday isn't a birthday without a fabulous birthday cake! To mark my blogs birthday I'm giving one lucky winner the chance to win a yummy box of SIX amazing cupcakes courtesy of The Primrose Bakery. To be in with a chance head over to and LIKE my Facebook page to get all the sugary details.
Top & Bottom images supplied by Primrose Bakery
I do have one birthday wish though...please do leave me a birthday message 

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