23 Jul 2014

Clerkenwell Design Week 2014: A Visual Reminder

Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 really did surpass itself this year. As one of my must-see-shows it's a show, which is constantly filled with new and evolving talent. In my opinion, this year certainly trumped its pervious years, overflowing with talks, intriguing design conversations and new developments in design. If you missed out this year here's the official catch-up.

Credited: Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 from triitme on Vimeo.

21 Jul 2014

The Lovely Pigeon: Tom Pigeon

In addition to my passion for interior design I'm also extremely fanatic about stationery and the design process. That said, I had such a wonderful time this year at Clerkenwell Design Week, one of the most inspiring and creatively curated interior events of the year. Whilst there at the newly curated additions segment of the event I met the talented Kirsty (one half of the duo as Kirsty's husband Pete has joined the company) from Lovely Pigeon. Impressed (and slightly obsessed) by their creations I took the opportunity to interview Kirsty to dig a little deeper and find out a bit more about them.

Exclusive: This August Lovely Pigeon will re-launch its brand as Tom Pigeon in addition to a new website and online shop!

So tell us a little bit about the world of Lovely Pigeon and how it all began?
The Pigeon studio started out as a hobby, making pieces of jewellery for friends, and has gradually grown over the past 4 years into a full time job. We are a design studio based in a tiny fishing village on the East Coast of Scotland, but we’re lucky enough to work with some of the worlds best design stores and gallery spaces. Our work spans jewellery, print and stationery and we are about to take an exciting leap into the world of homewares. 

It was great to see your latest collection at CDW14. Where do you get your inspiration from for each new collection? 
I am inspired by all kinds of things – geometry and pattern, Midcentury design, new materials – but at the moment my work is influenced by where I work and live. Our home and studio is in a tiny fishing village on the East coast of Scotland and I am constantly inspired by the paintwork and graphics of fishing boats, the angles and lines of masts and sails and the colours and reflections of the sea.

The AW14 collection takes inspiration from the sea, the Beaufort scale, ice cream vans, travelling fairs and hand lettered type.
Tell us about your new stationery and desk collections launching this AW14?
The new collection features a wide range of products including jewellery, office accessories, prints and stationery. The Metalwork collection includes rulers, magnets and paper clips hand made in Britain from semi-precious metals. The Paperwork collection is a playful set of paper-based organisational tools featuring a clock, perpetual calendar and year planner. 

How do you maintain that work/life balance through the day-to-day?
Hmm, not always that easy.  The Pigeon studio is situated in an old fisherman’s net loft attached to our house so it is very easy to get to work and never that easy to leave! We live two minutes from the beach which is amazing, and we have good pubs, beach barbecues and a bit of harbour swimming to lure us away from our desks. 
What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own business?
Be passionate. Don’t be scared to experiment or step out of your comfort zone. Be nice to people!

What's next for Lovely Pigeon? 
We are about to make some big and exciting changes in the Pigeon studio. 

My husband, Pete, has just joined the company and Lovely Pigeon is rebranding and relaunching at September’s  Design Junction (at London Design festival). 

Our new company, Tom Pigeon, has been founded to make simple, crafted objects for people to use and enjoy. We will be adding office accessories and more print to the collection as well as new jewellery collections to compliment the existing Metals Collection.

We are also working on some top secret, but super-exciting, collaborative projects with two major London galleries and an International department store at the moment. Unfortunately I cant say much more than that right now but watch this space!

Images Credited: Lovely Pigeon

15 Jul 2014

Jason Grant Launches Book 2: Holiday At Home

I'm so ecstatic to announce on my blog that Interior Stylist & creative genius Jason Grant will be launching his second book Holiday At Home this Fall. I will be reviewing Jason's new book later this year but until then, here is an insightful preview of what's to come.

Can't wait till then? Then get your hands on his latest book A Place Called Home. 

Credit: Holiday At Home - Mr Jason Grant from Lauren Bamford on Vimeo.

14 Jul 2014

Book Review: Decorate with Flowers

Holly Becker never fails to surprise me. Having taken her class Blogging your Way 2.0 a few years ago and having a slight addiction to her previous book Decorate Workshop I was so excited to discover that she has now teamed up with fellow creative and Canadian Stylist/Photographer Leslie Shewring to produce her latest book Decorate with Flowers. I don't know about you but I'm always intrigued at how flowers can transform an interior space, instantaneously brighten up a room. In Holly's latest book, this dynamic duo use their relaxed approached to demonstrate step-by-step, how you can curate your own craft project to tastefully add a bit of charisma and personality to your home. One of my favourite sections in the book is the 'Entertaining Ideas' section where you learn some really interesting ways to glam up your tabletops when entertaining. Crammed full of very useful hints & tips there are so many endless ways to decorate with flowers.

Decorate with Flowers: Buy Now

Images credited: Jacqui Small LLP

30 Jun 2014

The Broom Room: Lee Broom's 1st Hotel Project

It's been a long couple of weeks.... I've finally submitted my research report which was all about luxury hotel design, asking "What's the sense in luxury?!" And after 9,000 words, various visits to hotels across London and interviewing designers, stylists and creatives I've successfully past the penultimate module of my MA and currently working on my final hotel design project - Hooray!

So you all know that I'm extremely passionate about design, particularly hotel design and I'm so pleased to announce that Lee Broom the creative mind behind the Crystal bulb has undertaken his first hotel project at The Thief in Oslo. The design is a homage to the best of British design, art and culture. Designed by Lee with a little magical collaboration from Karina Holman {Norwegian interior designer from the ESKE group} this suite really exudes Brit chić. I love the blue hue and the combination of bold gold, texture and classic Broom style. Having interned with Lee in his early years, Lee has this intense sense of style & creativity, which is both unique and fresh. Want to check it out - head to The Thief.

Images created: Camron PR

26 Jun 2014

Interiors Gets Fierce With Fiera

If there's one thing I love about being a Blogger and Interiors Journalist it's being able to discover and write about the new and innovative talent in the design industry. It's such a pleasure to share that buzz & excitement of finding items, interiors and key pieces that no one has ever seen before. This is why I'm so excited for my friend and fellow blogger, Editor of Confessions of A Design Geek, Katie Treggiden who has teamed up with the multi-talented, design publication legend Jeremy Leslie {what he doesn't know about magazine publishing and design isn't worth knowing} to create FIERA. A publication packed to the brim of design, trade shows and new designer talent this independent, well crafted, biannual magazine will take us across the world and back and with it, open our eyes to all the amazing talent out there. With the magazine launching this autumn why not purchase your copy and support the amazing here.

13 May 2014

My Interview with Kelly Hoppen: The Luxe of Luxury

My research for my MA continues and I've been working so hard to dig deep and get under the surface of the term luxury. Ive been incredibly fortunate to have interviewed so many interesting, diverse and experienced designers, stylists and curators for this project and I wanted to share a snippet of that with you. A few months ago I reached out to Kelly Hoppen MBE, and asked whether she would assist me in my search for the answers to the question; What is luxury? Kelly kindly said yes and today I wanted to share a little sneaky peek of that interview with you. Here's Kelly's thoughts...

HOP: What is luxury and what does luxury mean to you (both overall and in relation to hotel design)?

KH: Luxury for me is a feeling more than something material. Extreme comfort, contentment and appreciation for something above standard. 

HOP: Do you feel that the meaning of Luxury in 2014 has changed in today’s society?

KH: As society evolves so do the standards of luxury. What we saw as luxuries many years ago wouldn’t be considered so nowadays. Luxury is having the time to appreciate life the things around...and so many don't have the luxury of time in this day and age. Luxury is not about having loads of expensive objects around you - its simplicity and those bare essentials that bring comfort.

HOP: Do you think that the rise of the boutique hotel has transformed that idea of luxury?

KH: Boutique hotels can be extra special as they are unique and give individuals that feeling of having a tailored experience. I think they are starting to change peoples’ idea of luxury in this sense. I love staying at boutique hotels personally, the service can be fantastic! I must say there is something exceptional and distinct about the feel of a boutique hotel.

HOP: Do you feel that; touch, smell, sight, sound and taste play a key part in depicting luxury?

KH: Definitely, certain smells, sights, sounds and tastes are luxurious, some more than others. A lot of it is down to personal preference but I don't think any of the senses should be hit with anything too overpowering. Luxury should be subtle and tasteful  - it is about teasing the senses to work in harmony by creating a balanced and peaceful environment.

HOP: If you could have one intuitive item, indulgence or gadget in your bedroom or your hotel room what would it be?

KH: My 1000 plus thread count bed linen any my and Duxiana mattress for comfort and luxury suited perfectly to me!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank Kelly for assisting with and participating in my research. I am extremely appreciative.

Images Credited: Kelly Hoppen Interiors