13 Oct 2014

The Wallpaper* Apartment

Design is in my blood and like the design blood-hound that I am I love discovering new and interesting collaborations and design concepts. Wallpaper* a magazine at the height of the design, architectural and creative world is certainly akin to my inquisitive nature for design. Having been an avid reader of the publication I began to wonder "If wallpaper* did apartments?" - and as if they had read my mind, they did precisely that.

Over the weekend the creative publication opened up their doors turning one lucky apartment on 155 Cadogan Street into an embodiment of its personality and uniqueness together with modern, stylish London living.

Through purity of form, bold silhouettes and a distinguished design aesthetic through materiality, this apartment had a clear, distinctive palette. Designed by the Wallpaper* team in collaboration with the Cadogan estate the team commissioned distinguished pieces like the 'The Console Pipe Show' by Hervé van der Straeten and the bespoke lobby desk piece by Mathias Hahn to reinforce their design.

This installation however begged me to probe and ask the question "Can a magazine turn their talents and the pages of their publication into a well-considered interior design?" I believe so - the main focus of interior design is being able to follow and understand your clients' needs in addition to creating a carefully-considered design. Although created as an installation and temporary piece this space clearly had a vision of architectural British heritage, luxury and a bold aesthetic.  Each space had direction coupled with a considered yet articulated design which shows that a publication, thinking outside the pages of the magazine, can not only promote the level of talent within it but also help to showcase a unique, tangible experience.

17 Sep 2014

Maggie's Culture Crawl

Design is a discipline appreciated by many and it’s fascinating to see just how much design can actually change, adapt, assist, transform and revolutionise our daily lives. This is even more evident at the Maggie’s Cancer trust centres. Maggie’s is not just an organisation, which currently supports those with cancer but it is changing their individual lives in a personal and unique way. Like many of you, cancer is a something which has affected my own life. My dearest friend & best bud Vikki was diagnosed with Hotchkins Lymphoma a few years ago (and now has been given the all clear) whilst in 2008 my Granddad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With centres like Maggie’s they not only help to lift spirits but can also offer a space where you can leave the C word at the front door and just ‘be’, socialise and relax without the buzz word.  
It is precisely this passion and initiative which initially compelled me to take part in the 2014 Maggie’s Culture Crawl. In association with Open House and with a creative route curated by renowned Interior Designer Ab Rogers, the culture crawl will see hundreds of supporters exploring the key creative hubs and design institutions which are otherwise closed to the public. With access to places such as Fosters & Partners studio – Maggie’s supporters will also receive exciting surprises along the way. I’m really honoured to be asked to take part and felt really compelled to support such an indescribable inspirational charity. Sadly however, over the last few days due to unforeseen circumstances I can not longer take part in the crawl. A decision not taken lightly I was gutted to have to pull out at such a late stage but so happy for the charity as I know it will be an awesome event.
Maggie’s has oodles of exciting surprises in store such as Innocent Smoothies, private mini performances from the Royal Ballet with the exquisite backdrop of the Dunbar Court at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. There will also be a line-up on nine stand-up comedians plus creative workshops from TV Presenter and Actress Janet Ellis to look forward to.

The crawl will take place on September 19 and there’s still time to enter. If you’re up for a creative crawl and want to support an incredible charity then come and join in, get your running shoes on and sign up here.

12 Sep 2014

Get Storage Savvy with Dwell

With the new season well away I always like to keep organised and declutter my living space – start packing away all the Summer bits with a view to shop the new autumn/winter season.
In collaboration with Dwell and with this in mind, having looked at the new seasons colour palette I’ve  curated a key-piece collection of  storage solvers which can be paired perfectly with the new autumn/winter lcolours to suite the modest budget.

The living room is where most of us spend our time socialising whilst kicking back with a chilled glass of wine & nibbles – so why not do it in style? I like the discreet storage space in this low level storage coffee table (1).  With clean lines and clever storage it’s a great place to store coffee table books for a minimalist look.

Adding a warm hue of yellow to your dining room scheme (a colour which will pack a bunch over the season) I’ve picked this spacious yet cleverly designed four drawer side-table (8). If you’re looking to turn up the colour dial then this will certainly do the job whilst providing innovative storage for the home. If you’re limited for storage space in your living room (which, if you live in London like me chances are that it’s a strong possibility) but love to have your books on display, why not used this mini shelf (3) paired with a few oversized candles. I adore this for both colour and finish and with such a reasonable price point it’s certainly a great investment.

Whilst designing I love to keep a mini collection of the beautiful things that inspire me and this can come in the form of well-considered publications such Kinfolk, Cereal and Living Etc (to name but a few). This magazine tote (7) neatly fits all of my creative magazines in a contemporary way and in this muted grey with a cosy texture it’s perfect for the new season.

In the home office it is always essential to have a clear sense of order and organisation – a tidy place is a tidy mind as they say. With that said I’ve picked these storage cupboard (4 & 5) choices, great for storing interior fabric boxes, files and other office bits. I’ve also added a splash of yellow with a contemporary desk curve bin (5) (I must they, this is on my purchase list).

Sometimes with storage you need versatility and these storage baskets (2) are ideal for those little nic-nacs which you can’t quite find a place for but just need to store in a organised way. They come in various sizes and are super for storing washi-tape, toiletries or even office supplies. I’ve tried and tested it and I must say they are superb for those little storage jobs.

Like the office, I also like a clean and tranquil sleep space and with so many clothes really like the clever sorting bins within this laundry basket (9). Tried and tested, it’s the easiest way to separate your darks and bright whites on-the-go whilst added simplicity to your scheme. I really like the purity of it and with such a simple design, will look great all year round.

Images Credited: Dwell

5 Sep 2014

Colour Mixing to Shake Up Your Pad

With a simply click of the calendar Summer seems to have sneakily slipped away from us however the new seasons colour trends haven’t. This season it seems to be the first time in a long time that pristine pastels and saucy sorbets have coaxed their way into the Autumn/Winter palette. Over the next six months of the autumnal/winter season we can look forward to smooth creams, warm marshmallow pinks and for the first time sorbet lemons following through in interior products, wall finishes and paints.

Alongside these soft hues there is also the bold and beautiful – colours for the home that will ensure a warm shake-up and a fresh revival to your interior. Vibrant cobalt blue and sophisticated mulled-wine hues plus cheerful mustards will be making their way into the colourways and wallcoverings palette.  

If you’re looking to inject elements of the new autumn palette into your home then why not test out the new Colour Mix Lab from Dulux and mix the perfect colour-combo at Homebase.
Above Dulux have really captured the colour-combo capabilities from the lab illustrating just how bold you can be with colour.

At the Mix Lab you can find a flawless hue to match perfectly with your favourite wallpaper sample or fabric. The lab also assists you with choosing the right finish depending on the complexity or the environment of your interior scheme to ensure that the desired finish is attained.

Images Credited: Dulux

4 Sep 2014

Kit Kemp Takes Over Ham Yard

Since I’ve been working on my final MA project, which is centred around the DNA of luxury hotel design I have met some talented, down-to-earth designers and creatives alike. Through my research I was fortunate to meet Sally Salam – Contributor at CondĂ© Nast Traveller UK Magazine who enthusiastically informed me about the opening of Ham Yard – a new London based hotel. Sally has been extremely supportive and being passionate about this subject I had an exclusive tour of the new kid on the block.

Designed by one of the most innovative designers in the hotel design stratosphere Kit and Time Kemp have carefully created their latest edition Ham Yard which is a celebration of all that is luxurious – colour, handmade, bespoke one-off's, craftsmanship and above all – fun. It is pure creative wizardry how the design team have incorporated a sense of fun at every turn into this latest project by using bold colour palettes, utilising the opportunity to inject a true sense of fun into the scheme achieving understated yet high-end luxury.

As part of my visit, having reviewed Kit’s latest book – A Living Space I’m so delighted that we share the same ethos in relation to design. A strong believer that interior spaces should be ‘living’ spaces as opposed to stuffy institutions, Kit begins by expressing her take on luxury. From the outset of my design project I insisted on incorporating an added sixth sense within the DNA of my design process – so it was such a happy coincidence that Kit also believes in this philosophy by adding a sense of fun into her projects.

Through the carefully curated chapters in the book Kit guides you through the intriguing world of firmdale and design fundamentals which proceed it. This creative guide is certainly on my must-have list and highly recommended for budding designers and creatives alike.


Images Credited: Firmdale Hotels

1 Sep 2014

London Design Festival 2014 is Finally Here

London Design Festival 2013 from London Design Festival on Vimeo.

It's already September (where has the Summer gone?) and with that comes the plethora of intriguing and exciting interior design events. With so many events crammed into one creative month it's not surprising that I seem to miss at least one thing - whoever this month I pledge to plan out my design schedule. With Design Junction (one of my personal favourites), TENT, Design district events - with Islington joining the fray,  there is a lot to see. But outside of the main events there will be other design led talks, forums and installations taking place throughout the London Design Festival. For example Giles Miller will create an intriguing installation in Shoreditch and the V&A will be hosting a wide range of talks too. You can collect your free guide from any of the participating stores, showrooms and museums from 13th.  I've uploaded last years LDF on my blog just to give you an idea of what you can expect.

The London Design Festival will run from 13 - 21 September. If there is one design season to take full advantage of, this is it. 


25 Aug 2014

Living Room in Blue Hues

Oh, it's so good to be home isn't it. The warmth and familiarity of your own space is a key element to the transition from making your house feel like home. With Heart Home launching an inspiring interior competition in collaboration with Good To Be Home magazine's debut it's inspired me to visualise and play around with my own ideal home wish list. With this in mind I've decided to but together a dream scheme for own living room space. I'm a huge fan of the distinguished gentleman look and find pleasure in refined details and visually stimulating. I think this really pulls through in the concept I've created above. Paired down blue hues blended together with dusk white touches really works well with bold hard solid cherry woods and bold bright lights.
This has then been translated into a medley of calm and classic interiors. Full of texture, depth and also a cool palette, warmth - this scheme is does have that definition and refined look. Firstly the adore parquet flooring and this charming dark solid wood which helps to unite the scheme, pulling it together. I like using the work of local artists and interiors and really admire the work of Lee Broom. Here I'll pulled his coffee table with matching table lamps which not only conveys the narrative but it also has that East End cultural feel. How could you not want to curl but with a good book and ponder your next creative adventure of this cosy velvet sofa by Heals. This striking bold bolt blue really speaks volumes yet adds a sense of luxury. The Heal's Cohen pendent light was a no brainer for me. The light is bold but not too over powering plus the added touch of copper really gives it that touch of class. To finish the scheme I've gone for two Farrow & Ball colours - in Lulworth Blue and Cornforth White. Together these colours really to marry the concept and the interior perfectly. What do you think of this scheme? And what's your favourite elements of home?

Images credited (Concept Board):